Ethnic Experience on Mount Carmel – Baha’i, Carmelite, Druze, Ahmadiyya & more

Ethnic Experience on Mount Carmel

Experience multiculturalism, meet & learn about the Baha'i faith, the Druze, the Ahmadiya Muslim community and more

$ 175  per person

(about  € 140  or  ₪ 550 )

Best guides small group Luxury Vehicles all entrance fees included Pick up from selected locations Druze lunch included


Baha'i Shrine Elijah's Cave Stella Maris Ahmadiyya Community Druze Village Tour & Hospitality Traditional Druze lunch Muhraka Carmelite Monastery

Quick Details

WHAT TO EXPECT: Experience multiculturalism, meet & learn about the Baha’i faith, the Druze, the Carmelite, the Ahmadiyya Muslim community and more.

WHEN: Every Wednesday.

TIME: Pick-up at 8.30 a.m. (precise pickup time will be provided personally). Drop-off around 5 p.m.

COST:  $170 (About €140 / ₪550) per person

WHAT’S INCLUDED: Transportation in a comfortable vehicle, a top-notch tour guide, a rich lunch, and all entrance fees are included.

NOT INCLUDED: Reincarnation.

WHO: All ages and fitness levels are welcome.

GROUP SIZE: Intimate group up to 16 people.

WEAR: Comfortable shoes, Modest clothes, and a big smile 🙂

WHERE: Convenient pick-up nearby most Haifa hotels.


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What are we going to see?

Israel is known as the Holy-land. Holy for who?

This small country is a melting pot for so many religions, denominations and ethnic groups which find Israel as their Home as well as a holy center.

Mount Carmel is known as a holy mountain for almost 3000 years, thanks to Elijah the Prophet.

This tour is a unique ethnic experience – get to know some of the most interesting religions and denominations that chose Mount Carmel as home. A chance for an authentic encounter with real members of those faiths.


The youngest monotheist religion, teaching the unity of all religions and of all people, seeking peace and equality worldwide whilst building the most beautiful gardens in the world!

We will visit part of the Gardens and inside the Shrine of the Bab – the famous golden dome, which is also the symbol of Haifa. During our visit you will learn about the history and principles of this religion, how Israel became the Baha’i holy land as well and how come no Baha’i live in their holy-land?!

Elijah Cave

According to the tradition, that is the cave in which Elijah the prophet was hiding from Ahab, which is why the place is holy for both Jews, Christians, Muslims and Druze, as well as a common place for Bar-mitzvah…

We will visit inside the cave and learn about the traditions and legends related to it.

Stella Maris – Carmelite Order

The Carmelite Catholic order was established right here on Mount Carmel some 800 years ago.

We will visit the beautiful church of Stella Maris – the star of the Sea, where we will find yet another Elijah cave. According to tradition, the Holy family, Mary, Josef and Jesus, were also hiding in Elijah’s cave on their way back from Egypt.

We will also learn a couple of unique stories about the surprising connections between Carmelite monks and nuns and Judaism.

Ahmadiyya Community

Muslim Pacifists, with a slogan of “Love for All, Hatred for None”, this branch of Sunni Islam is truly unique.

We will visit their community center and mosque, meet with the leaders of the community, and engage in a fascinating encounter of Q&A.


The Druze faith is secret and includes several unusual elements and principles such as very strong believe in reincarnation, collection of the wisdom of all previous religions, unusual burial customs, strong loyalty to the local authorities, equality between men and women and more.

We will visit the Druze village of Isfiya, enjoy a traditional super reach Druze lunch, tour the old center of the village, meet with Druze women that broke the glass ceiling of the conservative society, learn about their traditions, secret religion and special connections to the Israeli society and Judaism.


We will summarize the tour in one of the holiest sites on Mount Carmel, the Muhraka Monastery – The Horn of Carmel, where Elijah beat the pagan prophets in a “Prophets Duel”.
The site also includes one of the most spectacular viewpoints overlooking over half of Israel. A beautiful yet meaningful finish to a very extraordinary day!

Additional information

  • Please wear modest clothes, covering Knees and shoulders  for both men and women. Bringing a Shawl is a perfect solution.. 
  • We recommend you to bring comfortable walking shoes, water and a cool hat!
  • Not wheelchair accessible
  • Small groups – our tours will have a minimum of 4 travelers and a maximum of 16 travelers.
  • You are dreaming to join our tours but find out that it is not available on your desired date according to the regular schedule – we can make it available! We can open your desired tour date in the booking calendar and then all we need is to reach total of 4 people to sign up.
  • All our tours are also available for private booking. Contact us directly – or use the contact form.

Cancellation Policy

  • If you cancel at least 24 hours before the tour starts, you will be fully refunded.
  • Cancelation within the last 24 hours – no refund… Sorry.
  • Minimum 4 people are required for the tour to take place.
    Otherwise, the tour might be cancelled. You will be notified about it in advance. 
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